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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Why are 'gun control' advocates so violent?

Dave Begel, evidently a sports writer for OnMilwaukee, is not happy about Wisconsin residents no longer being rendered defenseless by law.

In case you live in a cave, let me explain. In Wisconsin, people now have the right to pack handguns under their coat, in their purse, strapped to their leg under their pants, in their bra, under their hat, in a fake cast on their wrist, in a laptop case, in your jock, under your toupee or underneath your mask on Halloween. You can also carry a stun gun if you just want to electrocute someone instead of drill them full of lead. Or a knife, if slicing or stabbing is your style.
So far, pretty typical anti-self-defense ranting, although he manages a level of puerility in his grammatically questionable snark that perhaps exceeds the average. Well done, Dave.

But now let's get to Dave's penchant for violence:
"For the first time, violent criminals are going to have to fear that their next attack might be their last," [NRA lobbyist Darren] LaSorte said. (By the way, I want to meet Darren LaSorte in a dark alley some night and kick the crap out of him. I don't think he can shoot me if I just punch him into oblivion.)
Dave, then, has very publicly expressed his wish to commit assault and battery on someone for successfully lobbying for legislation he doesn't like. In fact, "kick the crap out of him" sounds like pretty brutal battery. Actually, one might convincingly argue that "punch him into oblivion" sounds quite a lot like a wish to administer a fatal beating to Mr. LaSorte.

Mr. LaSorte would be well advised to commit Mr. Begel's face to memory, and to keep his defensive firearm skills honed. Oh, and as for the "dark alley" in which Begel hopes to commit his (murderous?) assault, he should probably educate himself about the Walther (P99, I believe) pistol pictured in his article. That pistol is equipped with an accessory rail, ideal for mounting a tactical light. A "dark alley" no longer conveys as much advantage as it once did to would-be murderers whose intended victims are armed.


Robert Fowler said...

A lazer on that rail would be great too. There's nothing like a red dot in the middle of your chest to give you a nice warm feeling when you piss your pants. ;)