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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Under oath, Holder discredits 'Bush did it too' excuse for 'Gunwalker'

In 75 seconds of pointed questioning of Attorney General Holder (see sidebar video), Senator John Cornyn has perhaps left the excuse makers scrambling for something better. In that time, he asked Holder if he knew that Operation Wide Receiver (the Bush-era operation) actually did involve an attempt to track the firearms, while Fast and Furious did not. Cornyn then asked Holder if he knew that Operation Wide Receiver was run in conjunction with the Mexican government, while Fast and Furious was kept secret from not only Mexico, but from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) attaché to Mexico, Darren Gil. Gil, in fact, after discovering on his own what was going on, was basically pushed into retirement when he balked at the near act of war of "walking" guns into Mexico without the Mexican government's knowledge or permission.

Holder was eventually forced into the position of having to put the "Bush did it too" excuse out of its misery himself . . . [More]
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Windy Wilson said...

Erskine Childers RUNS guns to Ireland and is executed.
Holder and others WALK guns to Mexico and expect to be promoted and receive a comfortable retirement.
An Act of War is indeed the proper characterization for this crime, although apparently Holder and others should not receive the fate of Childers because, like children in the halls of elementary school, only walked, did not run the guns across the border.