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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Assault and battery victim drives off assailant; CSGV wants him arrested

This, remember, is the group whose executive director, Josh Horwitz, urged forcible citizen disarmament advocates to "embrace self-defenders," and thus isolate them from CSGV's main enemy: "Insurrectionists" (a term Horwitz always capitalizes). Horwitz advocates this "embrace," despite directing an organization that only changed its name from "National Coalition to Ban Handguns" (handguns being, remember, the "quintessential self-defense weapon," according to the Supreme Court), because by then they also wanted to ban so-called "assault weapons" (also very valuable for self-defense, especially when attackers are numerous, wearing body armor, etc.).

CSGV, then, is once again siding with a violent criminal, against a bona fide "self-defender," one of the people CSGV wants the forcible citizen disarmament lobby to "embrace." And they call us "traitors." [More]

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