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Monday, November 05, 2012

CSGV equates knowledge with 'insurrection,' wants it suppressed

Acquiring theoretical knowledge about how to build such weapons is preparation--and rather early stage preparation, at that. The government's preparations for war with the people could be said to be rather further along, and remember that this administration claims the "clear authority" to kill U.S. citizens without trial. If preparation for war is the same as waging it, as CSGV seems to contend, then the war has already started, with the government as the aggressor.

As Mike Vanderboegh (the real target of Horwitz's latest) has often said (worded various ways), "If the rule of law no longer protects us from government tyranny, it no longer protects that tyranny and its acolytes from us." The government would be very well advised to remember that, and also that the resistance will be equipped with more than firearms. [More]

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