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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Illinois gun owners wishing to secede from U.S. may have it backward

The Illinois state constitution does include its own protection for the right to keep and bear arms, but (at the urging of Cook County politicians) Section 22 of the state constitution was amended in 1970 to qualify the right to keep and bear arms with "Subject only to the police power." In other words, gun rights in Illinois "shall not be infringed"--except to the extent that the state chooses to infringe on them.

It seems as if Illinois gun owners might be better off petitioning to join the United States, since they seem at the moment to be denied one of the rights guaranteed--at least in theory--to residents of the other 49 states. On November 6, in fact, the voters in 10 Illinois counties (100% of the counties that had put the measure up for a vote) approved non-binding resolutions in support of concealed carry. [More]

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