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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Biden not intelligent enough to reject 'smart guns'

Granted, Jeremy Shane can be dismissed as an idiot, and if he truly believes what he is spouting, the most primitive matchlock firearm in history is indeed a good deal "smarter" than he is (and a good deal more useful in stopping a would-be mass murderer of children in a school than his "smart" guns would be). And yet even so, his idiocy was not enough to keep him from a position of power in the federal government, and now he is presumably being paid by the mass media to shape public opinion.

We don't need smarter guns. We need smarter voters, to keep "smart gun" fanboys like Biden and Obama well away from the levers of power. [More]

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Bakersfield Photography said...

Whatever the decisions of the higher authorities, I just hope the gun owners are responsible enough with their guns.

Anonymous said...

More people are killed in traffic accidents than shootings. Where is the push for "smart cars" that can't be driven recklessly? Or "smart phones" that shut off if the user tries to make an obscene call?