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Friday, January 25, 2013

Known 'gun criminal' David Gregory goes uncharged; life-saving hero may not

We are told in hysterical tones that the law so brazenly violated by David Gregory is absolutely essential to the safety of Americans (especially "the children"), but when he violates it, for cheap political theater, in an attempt to embarrass gun rights advocates, it is an outrage that prosecution was ever considered.

Meanwhile, a man who saves a child's life with a possibly "illegal" gun is potentially facing a full year or more in prison for doing so, and Greta Van Sustren and Howard Kurtz seem not to have uttered a peep in protest.

What does one call a society that excuses law-breaking done for the purpose of propagandizing a fabricated justification for still more freedom-crushing laws, but throws the book at someone whose "crime" was saving the life of a child? Whatever the name for such a society, it cannot be very complimentary. [More]

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