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Thursday, January 03, 2013

IL Dems think 11-round magazines more dangerous than outdated nuclear plants

The first bill to get this treatment is Illinois House Bill 0815, which passed easily in the House back in May, by a 70-45-1 margin. What did HB 815 do, before Senator Dan Kotowski got hold of it yesterday? It dealt with nuclear power plant safety, requiring among other things that plant owners set aside money for improved monitoring and control gear. After Fukushima, that sounds like a pretty decent idea, does it not?

Not, apparently, to Sen. Kotowski. He believes that public safety in Illinois can better be served by banning 11-round and larger magazines, and imposing such a burdensome regulatory regime on shooting ranges as to make it economically unfeasible to operate them., so he introduced amendments to remove the nuclear safety language, and ban magazines and gun ranges. [More]

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