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Friday, January 25, 2013

GOP, NRA may invent distinction between 'loopholes' at gun shows and away

This array of choices serve both the anti-gunners and the weak-kneed "allies" of gun rights advocates. The gun ban lobby wants the outright ban on private sales, but if that looks impossible, they'll take the still pretty big bite out of the apple that a gun show "loophole" closing bill represents (look for a legislative attack on the "internet gun sales 'loophole,'" as well). They know they can always come back for more next year, and the year after, etc., until they get it all.

Meanwhile, a flaccid GOP and NRA can claim "victory" (by virtue of having stopped the universal background check), despite gun shows (and maybe internet sales) having become vastly more heavily regulated. Note also that LaPierre, while laying down the fire and brimstone about universal background checks, also spent considerable time warning of the (very real) dangers of a national gun registry. Such a registry may not look particularly likely to pass any time soon, but by raising its menacing specter, he hopes to give gun rights advocates something else to cheer about when that threat is "defeated." [More]

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