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Friday, February 08, 2013

If 'assault weapon' ban fails, 'bump fire' stocks may be consolation prize

Nevertheless, when she announced her "assault weapon" ban bill, she promised to ban such stocks, as one of the "improvements" over her 1994 ban:

  • Banning dangerous aftermarket modifications and workarounds.
    • Bump or slide fire stocks, which are modified stocks that enable semi-automatic weapons to fire at rates similar to fully automatic machine guns.
That language seems not to have survived in the actual text of Feinstein's S. 150, but that does not mean she has lost her passion to protect America from the plague of bump fire stocks (the next victim of "bump fire violence" will apparently be the first, but don't count on that making any difference to Feinstein), as illustrated in an
Associated Press article yesterday . . . [More]

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