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Monday, February 25, 2013

Illinois another step toward legal armed self-defense; Politburo strikes back

This leaves Illinois' forcible citizen disarmament fanatics with two choices. They could appeal the case to the United States Supreme Court (with no guarantee that SCOTUS would take the case, and with the risk that they would lose there, as well, possibly jeopardizing strict firearms carry laws in other states). Or they could try to pass a brutally restrictive carry law, which would be basically a de facto ban, despite theoretically permitting defensive firearm carry.

That second option appears to be the one that Illinois Speaker of the Politburo . . . er, I mean House Mike Madigan has chosen (although a U.S. Supreme Court appeal is still possible). According to the Illinois State Rifle Association, Madigan's HB 1155 will soon (perhaps starting today) be amended into a regulatory monstrosity that would make legal exercise of the fundamental right of armed self-defense nearly impossible. [More]

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