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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Obama wants to ban 'weapons of war' for Americans, use them to kill Americans

Rep. Gowdy's best point, though, was reminding us that the unelected (and indeed unnamed) officials deciding which Americans are to be assassinated could very well be the very same paragons of moral virtue who authorized "Project Gunwalker."

Foreign soil, domestic soil--does it matter? If we can be "legally" killed while we travel, by our own government, on the basis of some faceless bureaucrat's suspicions (or his/her claim of such "suspicions") about "terrorist affiliations," are we supposed to be comforted when told that they cannot do it here (or that they have not--yet--claimed the "right" to do so)? Well, at least CSGV should be happy.

The Obama administration has again escalated its "cold war" against the American people. If American citizens are facing death by "weapons of war," those weapons will most likely be wielded by the U.S. government. Sounds like a good reason to expand the firepower available to private citizens. Speaking of which . . . [More]

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