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Monday, December 23, 2013

'Assault weapon' bans punish the disabled--and everyone else

Sergeant Walker is presumably an able-bodied man, but he too is much more effectively armed with a so-called "assault weapon" (although some would have us call them "patrol rifles" when in cops' hands) than with a handgun.

In a very real sense, those advocating "assault weapon" bans--for either the disabled or the able-bodied--are trying to outlaw accurate shooting. Evidently, they care no more for innocent bystanders than for gun owners. [More]

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Anonymous said...

In fact, the anti-gun activists would love for more innocent bystanders to get hit by stray bullets. They could cite that as evidence that you are more likely to accidentally shoot an innocent person than an assailant. (As it is, they juggle statistics, counting criminals shot in self-defense as "victims of gun violence.") Most anti-gunners are bleeding heart liberals who sympathize with criminals. To them, the death of a mugging victim, or of a bystander accidentally shot, is no more tragic than a burglar shot in self-defense by a homeowner, or a bank robber killed in a shoot-out with the police.