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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunnyvale, CA 'high capacity' mag ban also affects cops, but not enough of them

Sunnyvale's Measure C is an intolerable assault on that which shall not be infringed, but the fact that it applies even to "Only Ones" mitigates the evil to some extent--or would, if it applied to them even when they are on the taxpayers' time. [More]

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Anonymous said...

I have no objection to cops (whether on duty or off-duty, and whether active duty or retired) carrying so-called "high capacity" magazines. I also have no problem with civilians who are honest, peaceable citizens having the same firepower. A cop or an honest citizen with a Thompson sub machine gun and a 50-round magazine is less likely to commit a crime than a sociopath with a single shot zip gun (or with a knife).

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

It's not the cops' legal access to the "high capacity" mags that bothers me, but the double standard. The mag ban is stupid, evil, and unconstitutional, and applying it unequally makes it even worse.

Anonymous said...

It's already illegal for criminals and psychotics to own firearms of any kind (not just "assault weapons" with "high capacity magazines," but also antique single-shot muskets). So the Sunnyvale ordnance will just extend the ban to law-abiding citizens and police officers. That will hopefully prevent any school shootings or other massacres from being committed by cops, or by rational, sane, honest citizens. But there haven't really been a lot of those in the first place.