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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

CSGV outrage over pic doesn't extend to law enforcement target of pregnant woman

And actually, that's not so surprising, either. CSGV, after all, is not really opposed to "gun violence," at least not when committed by agents of the government. What offends CSGV is "gun violence" against would-be tyrants and their enforcers. That's to be expected from a group that not only advocates a "government monopoly on violence," but wants the government to make extensive use of it, as well. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Are the cops (and/or police trainees) supposed to shoot all of the "No More Hesitation" targets? In a lot of law enforcement training courses (and IDPA matches), the targets pop up without warning. Some depict armed criminals, and some depict innocent people who could be mistaken for armed criminals (e.g., a guy holding a camera, a kid holding a toy gun). The idea is to shoot the bad guys, and to hold your fire when it's an innocent person. The training is commonly called "Shoot/Don't Shoot."

Anonymous said...

If the targets are for Shoot/Don't Shoot training, it's OK. If the targets are for training cops to deal with terrorists disguised as innocent civilians, maybe it's OK. But, with the current administration in power, one has to consider the possibility that Homeland Security agents are being taught that there is no distinction between an Al Qaeda hijacker and a Boy Scout.

Anonymous said...

The "no hesitation" targets show ordinary people (including an elderly man, a pregnant woman, and a child) holding guns. Also, the backgrounds in the photos/targets show that these people are in their own homes. They are not for "shoot/don't shoot" training; they are to desensitize cops. I don't doubt that cops have been killed because they hesitated to shoot, but how many of those cop-killers were pregnant white women or old, handicapped white men? Answer: zero. More likely, cops hesitated to shoot because their attackers looked like they could be Obama's son, and the officers were afraid of getting railroaded to prison for a "hate crime" or a civil rights violation. If the training were really meant to be realistic, the targets would all be young men, half of them black, some others Hispanic, and some Arab. Try selling those to the FBI or Homeland Security, though.