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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Conn. can try to confiscate guns, magazines, but threatened owners have options

Still, all need not be lost for the last group--the obedient, but tardy, attempted registrants. The letter might be intimidating, but just how much does Connecticut have with which to back it up? If the recipients of the letter do nothing, and the state decides to push the issue, what can they do? How many judges would be willing to issue search warrants?

The "illegal" owners, after all, could have chosen any of the first three of the four offered choices, to get rid of (or disable) the evil guns/magazines, and the state would have no idea. For all the state knows, that's exactly what they did. In other words, it is difficult to see how this could be anything more than another bluff on Connecticut's part, and if the recipients of the letter choose to call that bluff, just as the scores of thousands of those who never tried to register did, the confiscationists would seemingly have hit a brick wall.

Up yours, Connecticut. [More]

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Anonymous said...

The Connecticut state authorities are obviously trying to create a catch-22 where you can't legally own an unregistered weapon, and (because of short deadlines or inadequate information) you can't register the weapon, either.

Anonymous said...

If "scores of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands" of people in Connecticut (a blue state) refused to comply with this law, imagine the fun when the anti-gunners try to impose something similar in Texas, Arizona, or Wyoming.