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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Surgeon General nominee's vow to refrain from anti-gun agenda likely big fat lie

Murthy may well be telling the truth in his claim that his biggest priority if confirmed will be tackling the obesity problem, but there should be no doubt that he would also dearly love to put Americans' gun safes on a crash diet. [More]

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Anonymous said...

Violent crime is a legal/criminal justice/law enforcement issue, not a medical issue. The Surgeon General has no business making public statements about gun legislation, just as the Attorney General (or the local sheriff) has no business making public statements about obesity, sex education, or AIDS research.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Murthy's Twitter feed cites 18, 000 gun suicides a year, but does not mention the 800,000-2.5 million cases each year of guns being used to save innocent lives. Also, he says that 80% of suicide attempts with guns succeed, that attempts with other methods often fail, and that most failures don't try it again. But I suspect that people who commit suicide with guns really do intend to kill themselves; it's possible that people who use other methods (e.g., taking pills) are just making a gesture to get attention (or to get diagnosed as mentally ill so they can get SSI or SSDI benefits, or to get a medical discharge from the military). And, if a person really is suicidal, he is probably very seriously mentally ill, and needs to be hospitalized. That is, irrational people need to be confined, and rational people do not need to be under restrictions. But the "progressive" solution is to allow psychotics (and criminals) to wander around loose, and to turn the entire country into a padded room to accommodate them.