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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rabidly anti-gun 'Mike the Gun Guy' deliberately asks the wrong questions

When Weisser asks if "guns [make] it harder to walk away from a fight," and if it's a mistake to "give civilians the right to walk around with a gun," he leads the public away from such questions as how to reconcile government issued permission slips for exercising the right to bear arms, with shall not be infringed; or, for that matter, why anyone who values gun rights should patronize and thus support a so-called "gun guy" (and deadbeat?) who has dedicated himself to undermining those rights.

That's a guy who would prefer to not have to worry about answers. [More]

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Anonymous said...

An increasingly common tactic by the anti-gun crowd is to post comments on blogs, or write letters to newspaper op-ed pages, saying, "I'm a gun owner and hunter, but..." Then they parrot the PC party line and advocate the latest "common sense gun control" proposal. The tactic is designed to create the illusion of "common ground" and a "third alternative," and to make it look like moderate gun owners are OK with more restrictions, and to make libertarians look like an extremist lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

(sigh) Another example of why there is no common ground, and no basis for communication, with the leftists. They see rights as something that the government can grant or deny as it sees fit. But the Declaration of Independence says that people are endowed by their Creator (not the government) with rights, and that governments exist to protect those rights. The US Constitution does not give anyone rights (whether gun ownership, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or anything else). It officially recognizes the rights that you already have.

Anonymous said...

Having a gun does not make it "harder to walk away from a fight" any more than wearing a seat belt makes it harder to drive carefully.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Having a gun does not make it "harder to walk away from a fight" any more than wearing a seat belt makes it harder to drive carefully.

Well stated. I wish I'd said it.

Anonymous said...

"Mike the Gun Guy" cites two incidents to as evidence of "what's at stake when we give civilians the right to walk around with a gun." (BTW, in one of those incidents, the shooter was a retired cop, not a "civilian.") Offhand, I can name twice as many fatal DUI incidents, involving Senator Edward Kennedy, actress Amy Locane ("Melrose Place"), and actors Robert Conrad ("The Wild Wild West") and William Holden. (And I probably never would have heard of those four cases if the drunk drivers had not been celebrities; traffic fatalities are so common that they get little publicity, even locally.) Maybe we need to consider what's at stake when we allow civilians to drive around in a car.