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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

IL state senator would require federal manufacturing license to print gun parts

What, one cannot help but wonder, does Silverstein hope to stop with such a law? Presumably, he does not really believe that someone who wants to wreak death and carnage with a gun, but can acquire one only by exploiting the "loophole" of printing it (a very dubious scenario all by itself) will not simply print the gun in secret, just because that's now illegal. Of course not, because the bill isn't intended to thwart a single shooting. It's intended only to bolster the fantasy of government control of private firearm ownership.

The sooner everyone in government is disabused of that fantasy, the better. [More]

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Anonymous said...

And, of course, people who plan to manufacture weapons for illegal purposes (robbery, terrorism) are going to apply for the license, show I.D., fill out forms, and submit to a background investigation. Although, under the court ruling in Haynes vs. US, law-abiding citizens could probably be prosecuted for non-compliance, but convicted criminals probably could not be.