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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Brady Bunch joins the parade

Yesterday, I wrote about the glee with which various anti-gun extremists are pointing out the increase in violent crime. I pointed out the oddity of this, considering the fact that no credible link has been found between the increased violence, and "weakened gun laws." In fact, there are several explanations that make vastly more sense.

Now, Paul Helmke (head cheerleader for the Brady Bunch) has jumped on the bandwagon. He at least makes an effort to link the violence and the changes in gun laws. First, he points to the expiration of the ban on so-called "assault weapons." The problem with that "logic" is that the ban had absolutely zero influence on violence. Even the VPC's own Tom Diaz admits that.

The second "weakening" of gun laws that Helmke refers to is what he calls a weakening of the "Brady Bill" criminal background check. The only change to the background check that I can think of is the replacement of the waiting period with a (supposedly) instant computerized background check, conducted by the FBI. I wonder why Helmke has so little trust in the FBI's ability to do it's job.

We won't stop the violence by disarming those not disposed to commit it--let's fix the social problems instead.