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Friday, December 15, 2006

Now it's ammunition they're after (or at least bullets)

Not content with "merely" imposing draconian restrictions on the sale and possession of guns themselves, the Gun Guys are now advocating similar restrictions on ammunition.

Let me see if I'm following the "logic" correctly. Restrictive gun laws aren't working to reduce violence (I believe that it's been pointed out--here and elsewhere--that no one should find that surprising, but I digress), so the solution is to implement restrictive ammunition laws, in an attempt to make it impossible for criminals to load the firearms that they're not supposed to have. In other words, although the National Firearms Act, the Gun Control Act, the National "Instant" criminal background Check System, and all the other federal gun laws (not to mention all the state--and sometimes county and local--gun laws) haven't made guns as difficult to acquire as these geniuses want (just as drug laws haven't made crack or methamphetamine very scarce), we're supposed to believe that ammunition laws would somehow be different, and capable of doing more than make criminals wealthy, by creating a new black market for them to exploit.

Is anyone so naive as to believe that "reducing violence" is the real goal here, as opposed to simply tightening the screws another notch or two on all gun owners (the vast majority of whom are good, law abiding citizens)? The Gun Guys want the government's nose stuck into the purchase of every round of ammunition:

The same background check and criminal check procedures should apply to ammunition that apply to firearms.
That's a stellar idea--a NICS check everytime someone wants to buy a box of .22 rimfire, or trap loads. Maybe we should require blood samples and psych evals, too. Other suggestions include "special identification cards for ammunition buyers" (because requiring people to carry around more ID documentation is always a good idea in a free society), and "equipping vendors with computers to log purchases" (because if you can't have a registry of gun purchases, a registry of ammunition purchases is the next best thing).

Obviously, maintaining this kind of scrutiny over the sales of untold millions (if not billions) of rounds of ammunition every year is going require a pretty sizable increase in manpower and other resources for the controlling agency (the BATFE "F-Troop" folks, I guess)--meaning bigger government and higher taxes for everyone. I suppose that's a small price to pay for the illusion of safety.

Apparently, the part that really has the Gun Guys soiling themselves is the fact that ammunition can be bought over the internet (they don't say why "internet bullets" are so much scarier than ammunition bought in person).
And if you think that’s bad (we do), it gets even worse– you can even buy hollow point bullets without an ID over the Internet.
Hollow point bullets?! How awful! It's enough to make them lose their appetite for their kiwi-tofu burgers. Come to think of it, what do they mean by "without an ID"? Almost any internet purchase is conducted with a credit card, which in itself constitutes a form of ID. But the very best part comes next:
Want to buy bullets that kill police officers all over the country? Click here. It couldn’t be easier.
What's amusing about that is that clicking on the link provided does indeed lead to bullets, offered by Cabela's--but they're just that--bullets, for black powder muzzle-loading rifles (the overwhelming favorite weapon among those who aspire to kill police officers, I guess--the inner cities are apparently crawling with Daniel Boone type gang bangers), instead of complete cartridges. It seems that the Gun Guys, obsessed as they are with guns (or rather their irrational hatred and terror of them), still have not bothered to learn enough about them even to know the difference between complete centerfire cartridges, and bullets for black powder muzzle loaders. [UPDATE: Someone apparently told them about the muzzle loader bullets, so they changed the link . . . to .22 Rimfire ("squirrel killer" bullets, I guess)--these guys can't buy a clue]

And these guys presume to tell us what guns we can have?


me said...

We need a system in place for ANY flammable liquid too...

...and poly-fill or feathers because you could smother your husband/wife/child/farm animal with that pillow...

...and rat poison...

...and gumballs...

...and pins...

...and for acquiring sticks and stones, just think, all the child brides stoned to death could have been saved if only the radical muslims had to fill out a 4473 to get their stones.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Exactly--and don't forget that we need to do something to get those deadly assault feet under control.

Anonymous said...

they want to come down on people that want to buy bullets for there hand guns but yet it seems they dont want to really do any thing to the people that drive drunk and get 4 or 5 and some times more dwi,s and kill people that they dont seem to care about... thanks obama bang up job

bryanwilliams said...

i thought this was the land of the free i guess my friends and family that were in the US armed forces fought and died and served for nothing only to tell us we are not free but to govern every thing that we do we now cant even get bullets to go to a gun range just to soot at papper i thought the trees were dead already. whats next fish hooks i mean PETA thinks thats mean to fish. what about all the kids that get murderd and raped that is not right but yet they seem to put them sick people next to schools and parks good idea there ( NOT )

fix that OBAMA before you take our rights away to keep and bare arms and buy ammunition (its not yes we can it is yes you can) i say that only because i CANT buy bullets. you going to take my bible next