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Monday, December 18, 2006

Still clueless

Last Friday, I mentioned the fact that the Gun Guys were apparently upset that muzzle loader bullets could be ordered over the inernet. Well, apparently they finally became aware of how silly that made them look, so they updated the link--now, the "bullets that kill police officers all over the country" are .22 rimfire rounds (at least they've found some complete rounds this time). Now, it's squirrel killer bullets they're upset about.

Again, I ask--these are the people who would presume to have something to say about the right to keep and bear arms? Shouldn't one be expected to have some idea of what one is talking about before entering that debate?


me said...

Yeah, I was a bit confused on the muzzle loaders there...but chalked it up to ignorance and a frenzy to make nothing into something.

Now that they updated they look even dumber then I thought in the first place. They probably applauded violently when they read this bullet found in doorway