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Friday, January 05, 2007

Do the math--gun laws aren't the answer

I've posted before about the massive discrepancy between the hysterical, anguished bleatings of the civilian disarmament advocates, and the actual numbers that pertain to what they call "gun violence," but now that my attention has been brought to another article with some hard numbers, I thought it was worth a second look. The anti-rights crowd has been loudly pointing to the small increases in violent crime rates that have occurred over the last two years. They blame this, without providing any evidence whatsoever, on "increasingly weakened gun laws." They utterly ignore such vital factors as diversion of law enforcement resources to homeland security concerns, an increase in the relative population of young males in their prime "crime years," the high rate of recidivism among violent criminals (abetted by a criminal "justice" system that more closely resembles a catch and release program), etc.

They also ignore the fact that, compared to the dark days of the late 80's and early 90's, violent crime has dropped an astonishing 38%, concurrent with an increase of 70 million in the number of privately owned firearms. How can those numbers be reconciled with the rights deprivation lobby's breathless "more guns=more violence" mantra? They can't--which is why the Brady Bunch, the Violence Policy Center, and all the other civilian disarmament extremists try to ignore these numbers. But the numbers aren't going to go away.

The fact is, a the Centers for Disease Control could not find any connection between strict gun laws and reduced violence. The reason for their inability to find a connection is that no such connection exists.

It's difficult to imagine that the gun rights deprivation lobby is unaware of these studies, and the conclusions to be drawn from them. That raises the question, if they know more gun laws won't reduce violence, what is driving their agenda?