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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Does the "most hated federal agency in America" have any redeeming features?

I've made no secret of my disdain and antipathy for the BATFE, and that I, in fact, believe that the United States would be a far better place if the entire agency simply marched out of the country, and set up shop in a society where their jack booted thuggery would fit in better. I hear Iran could always use more secret policemen.

The BATFE is, of course, justifiably (in)fmaous for it's grossly abusive treatment of Americans in general, but what I hadn't realized was how horrificly the agency treats its own employees. For example, with knowledge of credible threats to one of their best agents (and his family), they didn't even bother to warn him. Here's just a sample of their treatment of Agent Jay Dobyns:

The grievance said that after the threats came in, the ATF's Office of Operations Security prepared a risk analysis, placing the danger level at "critical." A list of safety measures was drawn up. Yet, according to Dobyns' filings, administrators disputed the danger and denied protections.

"The ATF Field Division was clearly aware of threats," Dobyns wrote in his grievance. "This apathetic attitude . . . is, at a minimum, malfeasance of their office and a dereliction of their duties."

In one instance, Dobyns claimed, the ATF failed to warn him that a prison inmate had discussed plans to kill him and torture his teenage daughter.

"I have served ATF faithfully for over 19 years," Dobyns wrote. "For this, I have been subjected to a calculated attack by members of ATF management."
Dobyns is (justifiably) suing the BATFE for their combination of incompetence and vindictiveness. Many other employees, past and present, are doing the same (Dobyns' attorney alone is representing, or has represented about 25 such people) .

If these wronged employees win (and I hope they do), it's the taxpayers, of course, who will foot the bill. That, of course, is not the only waste of tax money perpetrated by F-Troop.
Other bureau employees, some of whom have similar problems with the ATF, say Dobyns' transformation from hero to scapegoat is just one example of mismanagement that pervades the agency.
Such as . . .
Such criticisms are supported, at least in part, by the government. A 173-page inspector general's report faulted former ATF Director Carl Truscott, who resigned in August, for misconduct.

Among the conclusions: Truscott overspent on a lavish new headquarters, improperly used employees to help with his nephew's high school documentary and squandered resources on a personal protection team. Perhaps more telling than that behavior, according to the report, was Truscott's dishonesty and finger-pointing when confronted.

The inspector general's probe was prompted by an anonymous letter written by midlevel managers at the ATF, assailing their boss. In the aftermath, line agents wrote a second letter saying those supervisors were equally guilty of mismanagement.

The condemnations are hardly new. In a blistering 1995 report, Time magazine described the ATF as 'the most hated federal agency in America . . . a divided and troubled agency far more likely to abuse the rights of its own employees than those of law-abiding citizens.' The overall finding: The ATF's in-house scandals and abuses impaired its law enforcement mission.
The BATFE is a rogue agency whose primary purpose is the enforcement of unconstitutional laws. The agency is bad for tax payers, bad for even its own employees, and most of all, bad for America.


Anonymous said...

Personally I love it when the feds eat each other!!!

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well, I find that to be a hard sentiment to argue with.