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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Nutter in Philly

Not long ago, I mentioned a Looney bill, introduced in the Connecticut Senate by an equally Looney Senator. Today's topic is a nutty lawsuit to be filed in Philadelphia, by Philadelphia mayoral cadidate Michael Nutter*.

He has announced plans to sue two gun shops for . . . not reading minds, I guess. What these gun shops did was sell handguns repeatedly to the same customers. Apparently, in the Nutter School of Business, repeat customers are to be avoided. Keep in mind, neither gun shop has been accused of breaking any laws--all the BATFE paperwork was correctly filled out, the purchasers provided all the required documentation, and all the required notifications were made. Still, Nutter claims that the gun shop owners and/or employees "should have known" (somehow) that the purchasers were gun traffickers, and should have refused the sales.

Nutter claims that these gun shops constitute a "public nuisance," and are therefore subject to civil legal action. It seems to me that until there is a law requiring retailers to read the minds of their customers, to determine their purity of purpose, the only public nuisance is the Nutter filing baseless junk lawsuits.

* Definitions of nutter:
1) From Wikipedia--Particularly in the UK, people with mental disorders are often nicknamed nutters. In general, the word describes a person who behaves erratically or abnormally. The word was probably made popular by Jasper Carrott in his "Nutter on the Bus" routine.

2) From Answers.com--a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad
Synonyms: wacko, whacko


me said...

as Freddy said to Jason "why won't you die?"

that's what these idiots need to do, not literally of course, but they need to just go away to one of the utopian lands overseas where guns are outlawed and only outlaws have guns.

"With 406 people murdered last year, almost all the weapons used were handguns purchased illegally, coming from businesses like this."
Fred Delia, owner of Delia's Gun Shop, said the primary patrons of his shop are police. He said many city police buy weapons from him for off-duty use all the time.

See, the first problem with that is that buying a gun in a gun shop is NOT illegal, in fact, it's quite the opposite since handguns have to have approval in PA, even so-called private transactions. The second thing that I have to wonder about is what are the cops doing with the guns they buy there? Do they disappear, get lost, stolen? Hmm, crooked cops, noooo, never. This is nothing more then conditioning, that handguns are illegal weapons, see the bold above.

Maybe they can subpoena all the cops and make sure their guns are accounted for, as well as the rest of his customers. Or maybe they can just quit trying to put even more Americans out of work and focus on the criminals.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Now don't go talking sense, HH--you know how much they hate that.