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Monday, January 22, 2007

March of the Illegal Coalition of Mayors against guns (or something like that)

Today, the gun rights deprivation lobby is on the march, hoping that their ability to impose their civilian disarmament agenda on America will be greater than it has been the last few years, now that both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democratic Party. Leading the way is The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, which seems to be Mayor Bloomberg's favorite way of avoiding the real responsibilities inherent to the job of being mayor of a large city. This group of geniuses is, according to the story, holding a national summit tomorrow in Washington D.C., and then having their winter meeting the next day. The article does not mention if the 123 mayors the group claims as members on its website includes Jared Fuhriman, the mayor of Idaho Falls, who just quit, under intense pressure from his constituents, because of the threat the group poses to Constitutional rights, or Mayor Frank Melton, of Jackson, Mississippi, who although (like Bloomberg, et al) a big supporter of disarming the general public, has pleaded guilty to carrying a gun illegally himself.

The Brady Bunch is, of course, thrilled with the idea of this gaggle of power-hungry mayors trying to impose their will over the entire country, and have issued one of their "reports" about it.

The report, Shady Dealings: Illegal Gun Trafficking from Licensed Gun Dealers, documents more than two-dozen cases of illegal gun trafficking from dealers across the country. In each case, gunrunners were prosecuted, but the dealers who supplied them suffered no legal sanctions.
What their little report fails to mention is that most of the "shady" dealings they want licensed dealers prosecuted for (allowing the purchase of multiple handguns in a single transaction, repeat purchases, multiple sales of the same model gun, and gun sales at gun shows) are entirely legal. They apparently want dealers to face prosecution for the "crime" of not reading purchasers' minds for criminal intent.

One would hope that Congress has the wisdom to send these fools packing.