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Monday, January 08, 2007

NRA wants to "improve" NICS, but there's a (much) better way

The NRA would like to improve the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Certainly, it needs improvement--very often it is anything but "instant," people who have every legal right to purchase firearms are often erroneously prevented from doing so (at least in a timely manner), and it could be used as the basis for a national registry of gun purchases.

H.R. 297 would address some of those issues, but certainly not all of them, especially (and most importantly) the last. Also of concern is the fact that H.R. 297 is supported (and in fact co-sponsored by) notorious civilian disarmament advocate Carolyn McCarthy, because it is actually a massive expansion of the current NICS system.

Rather than trying to "improve" NICS, let's scrap it entirely, and replace it with BIDS , which would make sure a prospective gun buyer is legally allowed to do so, but would not provide the government with nearly as much information on which it could base a gun purchase database.

We can do better than "improving" NICS.