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Friday, February 09, 2007

After further review . . .

In response to my post yesterday, Straightarrow made a comment that I believe is worth repeating here.

This is not something to applaud.

Bloomberg broke the law. He gets a letter to desist? What the Hell is that?

What that is, is not enforcement of the laws that would end in the incarceration of you or me, but rather a warning that he is on their turf. They reserve the right to abuse citizens on their turf and Bloomberg faces no consequences if he backs off now, after committing felonies in at least 15 instances.

No, I don't see this as a victory for the law. Just a gang war warning.
Straightarrow is right--I should have known better than to have responded to this development with anything less than righteous indignation over the fact that Bloomberg is clearly not receiving anything close to the kind of treatment that the vast majority of citizens would, had they committed the same crime (and done so with such brazenness).

Bloomberg's actions have earned him the same prison sentence the rest of us would have received. If, instead of that, the BATFE issues nothing more than a warning and a rebuke, then perhaps their parent organization should change its name to the Department of Injustice.

I stand corrected, Straightarrow, and you have my thanks.

By the way, it seems that gun rights activists in Virginia still have plenty of fight left in them. Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support.

Don't worry, we're not quitting any time soon. "From my cold dead hands..."

aka Curtis Stone
VCDL Member