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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Selective law enforcement, Brady Bunch style

Last week (here and here), I discussed Mayor Bloomberg's "sting" operation against firearms dealers, and the fact that the federal government has stated that Bloomberg's "evidence" was insufficient for prosecution of a criminal case, and that in fact Bloomberg's actions could (if continued) lead to legal liabilities for New York City. I was initially a bit overly enthusiastic about that--if Bloomberg has committed a federal crime (as would seem to be the case), he should be prosecuted like any other citizen, not merely given a warning. Still, it's always a pleasure to see him smacked down, even if not nearly to the degree that justice demands.

The Brady Bunch, of course, sees things rather differently, as is made apparent in their "news" release, titled "Bush Administration Warns Bloomberg, But Leaves Lawbreaking Gun Dealers Alone." What the gun dealers have allegedly done to break the law is facilitate a "straw purchase," whereby they sell one or more firearms to one individual, but should somehow have known that the firearm is actually intended for another individual (presumably one not legally permitted to buy guns himself).

The Bradys explain how the mayor's operation worked to obtain its "evidence":

Mayor Bloomberg’s office last year carefully constructed a program of apparent straw purchases of firearms, sending teams of investigators into gun shops.
What, exactly, is an "apparent" straw purchase? Either the gun was bought for someone other than represented, or it wasn't. In other words, if the gun dealers broke the law, than Bloomberg's henchmen (and by extension, Bloomberg himself) did as well. There can be no "straw seller" without a straw buyer. To repeat, either no law was broken, or Bloomberg, through his proxies, is himself part of a law-breaking conspiracy. Indeed, if a crime was committed, it would seem that Bloomberg and his minions are the ones who initiated the criminal activity in question.

Either the gun dealers are completely innocent of any crimes, or the Brady Bunch is arguing to defend a deliberate repeat offender of federal firearms laws.


Anonymous said...

to put it as nicely as I can, the Bradys are whores.

AlanDP said...

The Bradys are only in favor of laws that work for them. Any laws (or parts of the Constitution, for that matter) that work against them are wrong, as far as they're concerned.