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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Another bid for BIDS

I've mentioned BIDS before, and how much I'd like to see it become reality. That's not going to happen unless we get a great many people behind it, and at this point, the major gun rights groups don't seem to be paying any attention to it at all. So . . . that means anyone who reads my blog is going to have to deal with me not shutting up about it.

I learned about BIDS through David Codrea's War on Guns, and it is again Mr. Codrea who has inspired today's post, by posting a link to a very good article about BIDS, written by him for Guns Magazine.

One possible objection to BIDS is that it would still represent an unconstitutional infringement of the right to keep and bear arms. I understand that objection, and I agree that a "prohibited persons" list is foolish--anyone who is so dangerous that he cannot be permitted to walk into a gun store, and walk out the same day with all the handguns, so-called "assault weapons," and .50 caliber rifles he can pay for and carry, is too dangerous to be loose in society.

Still, abandoning NICS for BIDS would be an enormous step forward, with absolutely zero down side. This would not be a compromise--it would be a victory, albeit not a complete one (such as completely scrapping the GCA of '68).

It would also be at least as effective as NICS in blocking sales to people known to be too dangerous to be trusted with firearms (but still, inexplicably, permitted to walk around loose in society, free to obtain firearms illegally, or simply to wreak carnage without guns).

Talk to the GOA, the NRA, JPFO, SAF, CCRKBA--anyone who claims to represent gun owners and to defend gun rights should be 100% behind this.