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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Cardassian Rifle Association?

Never let it be said that I am unwilling to acknowledge the fact that I was wrong, when that fact becomes apparent. Thus, I must admit that my prediction on Tuesday, that the Gun Guys would simply ignore Zumbo, now that he seems to have figured out what the Second Amendment is about, is wrong. This is what I predicted two days ago about their reaction.

It will be amusing to see how they react when he starts extolling the virtues of homeland defense firearms, and of tactical shooting in general.

As they generally do when facts become inconvenient for them (as they inevitably do), they'll probably just ignore his conversion to freedom advocacy.
As it turns out, I was wrong. The Gun Guys aren't ignoring his conversion--they're attributing it to . . . the Cardassians. If that confuses you, don't feel bad--it just means you're not a Trekkie (actually, since the Gun Guys were referring to Star Trek: The Next Generation, I guess it means you're not a neo-Trekkie)--I think you can be forgiven.

Anyway, not being a fan of the show myself, apparently the protagonist was a prisoner of an alien race (the Cardassians), who attempted to brainwash him with a combination of torture and drugs. This, of course, is very similar to what angry, betrayed gun rights activists did to Zumbo (except for the lack of torture, and of drugs). Hmm--OK, so it wasn't similar--since all we did was inform Zumbo's sponsors that we would not give our patronage to businesses who financed the dissemination of ridiculous prejudices against certain firearms, based on aesthetics. If Zumbo has ever been the victim of brainwashing with regards to so-called "assault weapons," it was gun rights activists who cured him of it.

At least the Gun Guys' story was entertaining. Maybe, instead of writing commentary intended to guide public policy, their obviously impressive science fiction TV watching credentials could be better employed in writing synopses of science fiction TV series.

We who have dedicated ourselves to protecting Americans from forcible disarmament are certainly drawing a lot of interesting comparisons these days. From Bill Schneider's "black rifle Gestapo" and "attack dogs" (an improvement, I suppose), to the Gun Guys' even more creative comparison to hyper-advanced aliens--the sky is the limit for us, I guess.


Anonymous said...

I predicted this. Zumbo cannot unring that bell.

Now his statements will be attributed to his ruination at the hands of coercive masters.

Either way, we are the bad guys. For forcing a "good man" to forego his "real" beliefs or have his life ruined by vicious gun nuts that would destroy his life and livelihood if he "tells the truth about terrorist rifles".

He sold us and now cannot negate the sale.

Just so you will know I am not post predicting here is one of the places I said it.


Anonymous said...

Yet some think my reaction to this betrayal is too harsh, because I don't believe his new found belief in unalienable rights.

I believe the Bradys and that bunch will be half right. He sold out himself to keep a chance at his career. They are wrong about his real beliefs being correct, but he sure as Hell gave them a lot of ammunition, didn't he?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I understand your position, SA, but as Sebastian responded to your similar comments at Snowflakes in Hell, I believe Zumbo can do us more good arguing for our side than he can if he is denied a voice.

To tell you the truth, I don't really care what he actually believes--if he says the right things, and does so convincingly enough to change the minds of the hunters who have harbored thoughts all along similar to those that inspired his initial blog post, this whole mess will be a net gain for our side.

Anonymous said...

Never happen. Everything he says in favor of 2A will be neutralized by the quoting of what he said about "terrorist rifles", then claiming he is saying what we have coerced him into for the sake of his livelihood.

No matter what he says now, it won't help us. May actually hurt us, as we will be held up as coercive, vicious and reprehensible facists who would destroy a man that didn't bow to our agenda.

We cannot dodge all the bullets that sonofabitch gave the anti-gunners. It really is that simple.

I don't want to hear him say a damn thing else. Not for us, not against us. Either way, he hurts our cause and sets back our quest to regain our rights.

Anonymous said...

Zumbo showed his true colors with his original "terrorist rifles" comment.

Personally, I have no intrest in his "apoplogy" or his sucking up, as both are motivated by his desire to not lose his job and his cash flow.

My right to "terrorist rifles" is not for sale, nor is it negotiable.

It was bought and paid for with the blood of real Americans and real patriots, not ignorant compromising lardass bufoons like Zumbo.