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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chicago Alderman loophole passed

For those following the strange, sordid saga of the "Chicago Alderman loophole" (my last update is here), the ordinance proposed by Alderman Richard Mell (enthusiastic supporter of so-called "gun control," and father-in-law of rabidly anti-gun Governor Blagojevich) to allow him to skirt the very laws of which he is so supportive--it passed on June 11th. I was actually watching the live video feed at the time, but it happened so quickly, I couldn't be absolutely positive that it had in fact passed.

Oddly, although there was decent coverage of the issue in the Chicago papers up until June 4th, after that (and I checked daily), there has been nothing. Well, yesterday, the City Clerk's office finally updated the website to include the "Substantive Adopted Legislation" for June 11th, and the ordinance is listed there as passed (top of the last page):

Page 8
O2008-2626 Mell (33) Police and Fire
Establishment of provision allowing for re-submission of firearm registration certificate renewal application.
What I can't find so far is the actual text of the ordinance. Rumor has it that the "amnesty" (for those who can speak of "allowing" someone to register his Constitutionally guaranteed, fundamental, absolute human right of the individual to keep and bear arms as an "amnesty," without vomiting) has been extended to six months in the final version--perhaps at Mayor Daley's behest.

When I find the text, I'll post it.

Speaking of Chicago and gun laws, don't forget SAFR (Second Amendment Freedom Rally) on July 11th.