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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Illinois taxpayers footing the bill for Illinois' War on Guns

Back in April, I wrote about the Chicago Public Schools system's taxpayer-funded program of using Chicago public high school students (a whopping 51% of whom graduate) as lobbyists for yet more draconian gun legislation in the state. The legislative session has ended, and the forcible citizen disarmament lobby's highest priority goals remain unmet.

Undeterred, there will apparently be a Chicago Public Schools-organized rally at Soldier Field today.

Chicago Public Schools is planning a large student rally in Soldier Field Tuesday morning. The goal is to persuade state lawmakers to boost funding for public education.

Over the last few weeks, the district has been e-mailing all its principals to recruit students for the event. Though it's not required, one district spokesperson says it could become, quote, "the largest civics class in history." Officials say they expect tens of thousands of students at the stadium.
So, with fuel costs at record levels, they're busing tens of thousands of students (I'm told that 1,200 buses will be used)--to lobby for more money. I would guess that they'll need to shake the legislators down for quite a lot of money, just to break even.

The relevance to guns? Glad you asked.
The rally's organizers also say they'll be addressing the state's gun laws and how they relate to the violence surrounding schools.
As I pointed out back in April, it's a pretty slick scam. Gun owners from all over the state, through their tax dollars, help fund efforts to put laws in place that would make their guns illegal.

Clearly, one does not need to be stupid to be an advocate of forcible citizen disarmament--being devoid of scruples is enough.

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me said...

Is refusing to pay taxes there a crime that will strip you of your rights yet? Even when the government is using that same stolen money to overturn the very documents they are sworn to protect and defend?

Man what a power mad bunch of scum...they get high on the mere thought that they are above the law, they can make the law, and they have the lethal force to compel everyone under them to comply or die. They are gods in their sick little minds, and as such so very VERY mentally ill they shouldn't even be allowed to see a gun using their own rules.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy, but I kinda miss the good ol' days when our school system taught kids how to read, write and do arithmatic.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well, given the 51% graduation rate in the Chicago Public Schools system, maybe they're just admitting defeat in terms of teaching traditional academic fundamentals.

Don said...

The rally was held. I don't get the impression it was a big success. I have a piece up on the Tribune report, and in their photos, the stands look pretty empty.

They say "it wasn't clear how many students attended." Right.