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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just call me 'whiney hag'

A bit less than a year ago, I wrote about my disdain for Cheyenne Tactical's policy of offering one grade of their Intervention M-200 rifle for the government, and another, less capable (but still enormously expensive) version for the rest of us (you know--we the people--we whose right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed).

Until now, the CheyTac Intervention M-200 was restricted to Military and Law Enforcement sales only due to its impressive capabilities and a desire by the CheyTac ownership to maintain every advantage with our Operators in the field. Now, CheyTac engineers have developed a mildly de-rated version of the M-200 named the CIV ( Civilian Intervention Version) to offer the long range competitor the outstanding capability of the M-200 while limiting its effective range to significantly less than that of the current Military versions.

CheyTac believes that in these times all responsible companies should first consider the American and allied troops in the field when offering long range precision rifle systems to the public at large.
No one who has read much of what I write would be surprised that such a policy does not sit well with me.

Today, a bravely anonymous commenter took exception.
Sure, easy to say in AMERICA, but imagine the guy fighting in Iraq who now has a sniper trained by Iran armed with a rifle that is SUB MOA at 2,300 YARDS. incase you didn't know thats 1.3 miles give or take a couple hundred feet. Chew on that and bleed me some patriotism.
Let me get this straight--since we have troops at war currently (and for the next thousand years, at this rate) with insurgents who might acquire such a rifle if it's made available to civilians (and who couldn't get one as capable any other way), and who might be among the very few with the skill to successfully utilize that extraordinary degree of accuracy and kill our troops (who otherwise would have survived), citizens should be unable to acquire the fully capable rifle. Yeah--that makes sense.

And he wasn't finished.
And since you can't afford it nor have the ability to use it properly, why are you bitching like a bunch of whiney hags anyway? nothing better to complain about than the man holding you down?
It's not really a case of "the man holding [us] down," because (the VPC's desires notwithstanding), the law does not stipulate a limit to the accuracy of firearms available to civilians. I'll also acknowledge that CheyTac has every right to market their rifles as they see fit.

My point is that anyone who would pay over $13,000 for a rifle that, simply to help maintain the government's military supremacy over the people, has been deliberately engineered for less than optimum accuracy, has some pretty twisted ideas about the Second Amendment. If that makes me a "whiney hag," so be it.

I wasn't planning to waste any time on this genius, but I hope he reads this. Oh, and as far as my "[not] hav[ing] the ability to use it properly" is concerned, I freely admit that my abilities with a rifle never remotely approached those of a trained sniper, but I did shoot expert back in my paratrooper days, and before some fairly large health issues became my new reality. That won't impress Mr. Bravely Anonymous Commenter, who (I'm sure) is the second coming of Carlos Hathcock, but I am not, and have never been the kind of self-important wannabe that seems to have been his implication.


Anonymous said...

yes, because there's NO other rifle in the world that can do that and we're the ONLY country who could ever come up with it. GMAFB!

Never mind the fact that it's probably much easier (and more effective) to lay some booty traps (dat's what I said booty twaps) to score a few more while remaining elsewhere safe. No, just go ahead and overlook that while begging the master to be merciful.


-Hairy Hobbit.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

"Booty twaps," HH?

You're not talking dirty, are you ;-)?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if I hd $13,000 to spend on a rifle, I would have it custom made without any downgraded accuracy. No, I don't have the skill to wring out that type of accuracy today. However, I do have a 1000m range just down the dtreet that I can use, as a civilian.

OTOH, I'm not too terribly worried about police snipers. I have trained with them and well, the ones I trained with, I would be more concerned if I was one of the hostages they were trying to save.

I'm just sayin...

me said...

No, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089218/quotes


Anonymous said...

Upon further reflection, I would have the good gentlemen at Barrett Firearms build me a tack driver to outshoot that downgraded civvy model.

Have to support the guys who are on our side.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ronnie Barrett is indeed Da' Man.