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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Snuffy returns

It seems that when I posted last Tuesday that Snuffy Pfleger might be gone for good, I was a bit overly optimistic.

Father Michael Pfleger will return to the pulpit at St. Sabina Catholic Church on June 16, after Cardinal Francis George forced him to take a leave of absence over controversial comments about U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton.
I notice, with considerable bemusement, that Snuffy has apparently received the following admonishment:
Parishioners said Sunday morning that they have been told Pfleger will return to the church on June 16 on the grounds that he can not discuss politics.
If Snuffy considers himself to be above federal law, it's a bit difficult for me to imagine him being very frightened of Cardinal George's authority.


me said...

Wow, I thought he'd at least get a month long paid vacation so he could carry on his crusade to snuff out people, but I guess if he can just start a race war that'd be good enough for the boobie...err, cardinal.

Sebastian said...

Oh, but the Cardinal can take away his soap box. I think that would be far more upsetting to Father Snuffy than anything the feds would be willing to do to him.