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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yet another bill to ban so-called 'assault weapons'

Back in April, I mentioned one of Bloomberg's pet Congressleeches, Brady-endorsed Mark Kirk (R-IL). He's a hardcore freedom-hater, and that's without even getting into his support for a Real ID-like revamping of the Social Security Card.

Last week, he introduced another bill to ban so-called "assault weapons," H.R. 6257, which I believe to be a word-for-word reprise of the ban that expired in 2004. That makes it somewhat less broad than H.R. 1022, and thus presumably more easily passed. It only has three co-sponsors so far, but it's one we need to watch.

More importantly, Illinois 10th Congressional district voters need to get Kirk out of Congress this November. His Democratic opponent, Dan Seals, is probably no better for gun rights (although I can't find specific mention of his positions on gun issues), but a vote for him would help remove a hardcore anti-gun Republican from Congress. For those who share my inclination to tilt at windmills, there's Allan Stevo (independent), running on a pro-Constitution, pro-gun platform.

It's time to start campaigning for one of those two (in other words, campaigning against Kirk), to get one of the most anti-gun Republicans out of Congress.


Anonymous said...

Kirk's opponent is worse - Dan Seals is for suing all gun manufacturers. At least Kirk voted against that.

Seals is backed by DailyKos and all the nutroots.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Well, can't say that surprises me.

Still, I'll continue to maintain that getting rid of a radically anti-gun Republican, even at the expense of having to choke on an anti-gun Democrat, is worthwhile--Republicans need to know that stabbing the gun rights vote in the back is a losing proposition.

I'll admit, though, that if I lived in the 10th district, my support would be for Stevo.

Anonymous said...

Seals also opposes all handguns

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I guess Seals has realized that if he wants to be to the left of Kirk on guns, he has to actually foam at the mouth in his ardor for forcible citizen disarmament.

Still, I'm not too worried about a federal ban of handguns, particularly after Heller.

That said, Stevo is looking better and better.

Anonymous said...

I met Allan Stevo, and I'll probably vote for him. He's the only candidate, in that race, who is pro-gun rights, pro-life, anti-illegal alien, and anti-spending increases. Since Kirk and Seals are liberal, they might split the liberal vote, helping Stevo win, with 35%-40%. Please read his site www.stevoforcongress.com.

Lake Co. Conservative

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah--I've seen that site, and he's definitely the kind of candidate who I could happily support (I don't live very close to the 10th district, though).

Your reading of how the election could turn out is one I haven't seen before--I definitely hope you're right.