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Saturday, February 14, 2009

David Codrea is looking more and more prescient all the time about Gillibrand

David Codrea has expressed some doubts about "pro-gun" Kirsten Gillibrand's resolve to stay pro-gun, under the pressures being brought to bear by the rabidly anti-gun elements of the Democratic Party leadership--which is to say, basically, all of the Democratic Party leadership.

Some have disagreed, and some among those who disagree express their disagreement in about the same way as one would expect from a spoiled, intellectually challenged 12-year-old.

The latter are the sorts who also who say this kind of thing:

"Screw the Founding Fathers. They’ve been dead for 200 years. People like you . . . who spout this sort of crap are the reason we have gun control in this country."
Well, what say they now?
It may be Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's clearest flip-flop so far. In an interview with news 4 New York on Friday, Gillibrand said she would not vote for a bill she sponsored just eight months ago. "Not unless they fix it," She said.

It was no secret when Gillibrand co-sponsored the bill HR 4900 just eight months ago that is was widely opposed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his coalition of mayors against illegal guns.

[ . . . ]

The Senator told News 4 New York on Friday she was misled by language in the bill that implied it would help law enforcement. Gillibrand said she was unaware when she cosponsored hr 4900 that it would actually hurt.

[ . . . ]

The new senator says it was Mayor Bloomberg who convinced her of the bill's flaws in a meeting this week.
Just like any "pro-gun" senator, she's taking direction from "Furious Mike."

All part of the plan, Jacob?


Anonymous said...

I don't expect jackleg Jake will have much to say now.

the pistolero said...

ut you just remember, it's the three percenters who are being the intractable, divisive, self-righteous pricks here. :rolls eyes:...

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hell--we haven't gotten started being a-holes yet. If they don't like us now . . .

Bluegrass Pundit said...

While Congress and the public have been obsessed with the 'Spendulus Bill', three things have occurred that should make every gun owner fearful. The items are H.R. 45 introduction, confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General and the government medical records data base that is mandated in the stimulus bill. Let me explain. Gun rights are being attacked.