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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Nuge for (NRA) prez?

Now this would be . . . interesting:

Barack Obama jumped over a bunch of longer-experienced presidential candidates to win the White House, so will that pattern take at the National Rifle Association? It might, considering rocker and hunter Ted Nugent's popularity among NRA members. We hear that the Nuge is being urged to get into the race, and a key NRA insider tells us: "He does have a grass-roots following."
Personally, I'm torn. On the one hand, I find his personality intensely annoying, and his seeming inability to refer to the other side without the use of obscenities strikes me as rather puerile (I've also never been a fan of his music, but I suppose that's beside the point).

On the other hand, I have seen him argue articulately and well for gun rights, so I know he can do it, when it suits him to go to the trouble. I would never accuse him of blandness, and I have little doubt of his ability to grab attention--the reactions he would provoke from the other side would certainly provide some entertainment. Finally, he definitely doesn't strike me as the . . . pragmatic choice, a point I would have to score in his favor.


Anonymous said...

I think its an unfair advantage on our side. Perhaps Chuck Norris and Sarah Palin on his cabinet?

What would Sarah Brady and paul Helmke do?

Press announcements would certainly be interesting.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Yeah--I don't deny there would be some fun to be had in such a situation.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, I find it very difficult,myself, to refer to the other side without the use of obscenities, since they are so justly earned.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

SA, I didn't really word that right. Nugent seems to have difficulty talking about much of anything without profligate use of obscenities.

As a former soldier, and as someone who no one would ever have thought of as a choir boy, I'm not offended by the use of obscenities--I just think that when overused, they lose their effectiveness. The user also tends to be dismissed as someone not to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

Forget the other side ... he would purge the ranks of the NRA. I can see the "prags" howling and screaming as they run for the hills. A leaner, meaner NRA would result. Yet another point in his favor.

Excellent points (and agreement) on the obscenity issues. Unfortunately, I fear we're already on the path where obscenities are the mildest things we'll be hurling at each other.

me said...

You think politics are bad today, take a look back. If you want to get back to what this country was all about he'd fit right in. Not a "moderate" and "politically correct" type, just what they could use now.

Sure, the stereotypes would fly, but I'd be willing to bet he would at least have the balls to stand up and point out the antics from the other &@^#*@) side.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'd join as a lifetime member just so I'd be able to vote for him.
The entertainment value alone would justify it for me.


Anonymous said...

Ted's a "Brother of Blood." If he runs, he gets my vote. I'm a Life member that hasn't donated a dime to the NRA in years.

I do donate with my wallet to Gun Owners of America though.

As for Ted's sometimes colorful language? I'm a Marine Corps Brat born and raised on Pendleton and it just does not bother me. Also, Ted was at a Sportsmans show some years back, and a lot of kids were there. Including my son. Ted kept it clean.

Thanks for the link back to Conservative Libertarian Outpost! :D

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