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Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Illinois insanity

On Thursday, we talked about Illinois State Representative Ken Dunkin's HB 687, which would require a million dollar insurance policy for possession of as much as a single-shot .22 rifle. Today, courtesy of Representative Fred Crespo, I present HB 438.

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Juvenile Court Act of 1987. Provides that if a minor is found to be a delinquent minor by reason of the commission of a gang-related offense, and the court finds that the minor is a first-time offender and orders that a parent, guardian, or legal custodian retain custody of that minor, the court may order the parent, guardian, or legal custodian to attend antigang violence parenting classes. Provides that the Department of Children and Family Services shall establish curriculum for the antigang violence parenting classes. Provides that the father, mother, spouse, or other person liable for the support of the minor, the estate of that person, and the estate of the minor shall be liable for the cost of classes, unless the court finds that the person or estate does not have the financial ability to pay. . . .
If the bill stopped here, I wouldn't think too much of it--I have serious questions about what it's likely to accomplish, but I don't really see it as actively harmful, and sadly, the bar in Illinois politics is low enough that merely useless isn't something that bothers me all that much. Unfortunately, Fred wasn't done. Here's the rest:
. . . Amends the Code of Civil Procedure. Provides that if any lessee or occupant, on one or more occasions, uses or permits the use of leased premises for the commission of any act that would constitute a violation of the Firearm Owners Identification Card Act or the Deadly Weapons Article of the Criminal Code of 1961 or of any municipal or county ordinance relating to the registration, acquisition, carrying, possession, or use of firearms, firearm attachments, or firearm ammunition, and the owner or lessor does not bring or assign the State's Attorney to bring an action for forcible entry and detainer to recover possession of the leased premises, the State's Attorney shall bring such action on behalf of the owner or lessor without the consent of the owner or lessor.
Get that? If you rent your home, and the determination is made that your home was used in any violation of the FOID Act, other Illinois gun laws, or local gun laws (think Chicago here--where possession of a laser sight is illegal), you are to be evicted, even if your landlord doesn't consent to your eviction.

Oh, and by the way--to get an idea of how easy it would be to end up on the wrong side of this law (and thus end up homeless), think about this. The Illinois State Police are illegally delaying issuance of new and renewed FOID cards. If your card expires while you're waiting through their illegal delay, any firearm stored in your home becomes a violation of the FOID Act, and under this bill, would become grounds for your eviction.

I was thinking that Illinois must be the most messed up state in the nation, but there are apparently eight others that are even worse.


Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

Ya know, I'm surprised that NJ hasn't had anything like that introduced yet.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ya know, I'm surprised that NJ hasn't had anything like that introduced yet.

A lot of Illinois politicians hate the idea that 8 states have higher Brady grades than IL, so they're pretty creative in finding ways to move up.

Creatively Armed said...

I wish folks all over the state would just say enough is enough and literally move out. I retire in 18 months and we can't wait to get out of this crazy ass state.