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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mexico's bloody drug war is not the fault of 'lax U.S. gun laws'

A gambit that has become popular of late with the forcible citizen disarmament lobby is blaming the violence in Mexico (which sometimes spills across our Southwestern border) on "lax U.S. gun laws." Mexico, of course, has extremely restrictive gun laws and extreme levels of violence. One might think that this would be a pretty strong rebuttal to the idea of trying to control violence by passing more and more gun laws (as if using laws to try to rein in the behavior of the lawless makes any sense). Such an expectation underestimates the stubborn determination of gun law advocates, who somehow find the energy to perform the rhetorical gymnastics required to argue instead that violence in Mexico should be blamed on "weak gun laws" here, where violence is much less pervasive. [More]
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