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Monday, October 26, 2009

Brady Campaign hypocrisy

Quite aside from the very legitimate concern of tax payer's hard-earned money being spent on projects of questionable (to put it kindly) value, there's also the concern that rather than a study, this will be more akin to a witch-hunt, toward a predetermined and desired (by those behind this project) end of advancing an agenda of restrictive gun laws. Gun laws are already so restrictive that teenagers carrying handguns in public is already illegal, meaning that those who do so are criminals, and quite likely to be involved with criminal gang activity. That alone would tend to tilt the results toward a determination that "guns are bad."

What amuses me most about Henigan's accusation of a "gun lobby" attempt to suppress the truth is Henigan's own record (and that of the Brady Campaign in general) of trying to sweep "inconvenient truths" under the rug. Back in February, I posted a video clip of Henigan, filmed before Heller had gone to the Supreme Court, and the case was called the Parker case (after Shelly Parker, who was eventually dropped from the case for lack of standing, and Dick Heller became the sole plaintiff). At that time, the Brady Campaign was still claiming that the Second Amendment protected only a "collective right" to firearms--meaning, basically, that it could simply be ignored. [More]
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