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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still think national parks are no place for guns?

Sad news from Canada:

Two coyotes attacked a Canadian woman while she was hiking alone in a national park in eastern Canada, and authorities said she died Wednesday of her injuries.

The victim was identified as Taylor Mitchell, 19, a singer-songwriter from Toronto.
Now that's odd--when legislation repealing the Reagan-era prohibition against the carrying of firearms in U.S. national parks passed this spring, we were told that parks were too safe for that to make any sense:
There is simply no need for it, given the extremely low risks that visitors face in national parks compared with everywhere else.
I shudder to think about what that young lady suffered.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokeswoman Brigdit Leger said other hikers heard Mitchell's screams for help on Tuesday and called emergency police dispatchers.
They valiantly reached for phones, of course, because they were no more permitted to have something a little more effective at fighting off predators than she was.

Granted, coyote attacks on humans are extremely rare, as are wild animal attacks in general. I'm sure that's a comforting thought to hold onto, while bleeding one's last, after becoming one of the unlucky ones.

One more observation I thought I'd mention: there sure are a lot of coyotes in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Dog packs are not rare,and there are more of them coming as the economy deteriorates.Dogs have no fear of man and are very dangerous.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Good point, Anon--it wasn't that long ago that an elderly couple was killed by a pack of feral dogs.

lennisw said...

It is dangerous to be out by yourself in the middle of no where. This is called common sense. It would seem to me that the gun control crowd are sadly lacking in it.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

This is called common sense. It would seem to me that the gun control crowd are sadly lacking in it.

I would almost agree with that, lennisw. I would only modify it to " . . . the gun control crowd are blissfully lacking in it."

Anonymous said...

My brother was flying his Cessna 172 in east Texas and had to make an unplanned stop at a very rural air strip. After landing he walked towards an office trailer. About 2/3 of the way there a pack of feral dogs began chasing him. He managed to make it to the trailer. But as luck would have it, the door was locked. Having no time to do anything else, he kicked the door in and narrowly escaped his pursuers.

Yes, feral dogs can be a real threat.