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Monday, October 12, 2009

California tries novel tactic to 'stimulate the economy'--create a new black market

Over at Days of Our Trailers, we learn that the Governator signed California Assembly Bill 962. This draconian new law, when it goes into effect, will require registering of all buyers of handgun ammunition* (with a thumbprint required), outlaw mail order of ammunition, greatly add to the overhead costs for dealing in ammo, etc.

The inevitable end result--the more or less brand new black market "industry" of ammunition smuggling. Arizona and Nevada ammunition vendors should be pleased, at least.

*Lots of calibers are generally considered rifle calibers (and in the case of the .410, and the Taurus "Judge," even some shotgun cartridges), but handguns have been made that chamber them--including the .50 BMG. It is, in other words, not especially clear that much of any ammo will not fall under this insane law.

UPDATE: David has much more.


Thirdpower said...

It gets better. According to CTD, take a look at the definition of "Ammunition":


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

They're actually succeeding in making this state look good.

tom said...

What kind of lunatic would chamber a pistol in .50BMG....err, nevermind...

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hell, Tom--I still haven't given up waiting for you to build a pistol in .950 JDJ ;-).

tom said...

.700AHR is the next step in my "addiction". But I gave bad looks at a Anzio 20mm the other day buying primers and thinking about the kind of brake one would need to make it work as a pistol...I admit it, I'm a recoil junkie! But I noticed if I shoot HOT .458s or .50s in rifles I get like an ice-cream headache but in pistol form they just make my arm sore. I think there's a lot more energy transferred through the cheek piece than people admit to in big rifles. I can shoot .375 H&H Mag pistols all day long but about 50 rounds with a SMLE and I'm done for the day. Maybe I should go into sports medicine?