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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Honor student Derrion Albert's brutal beating death 'wrong' kind of violence to talk about?

In other words, if a murder is not committed with a gun, and is thus not easily exploitable for the advancement of the forcible citizen disarmament agenda, ICHV would prefer it not be discussed.

The Brady Campaign was also apparently hoping to turn this into a discussion about further infringements on that which shall not be infringed, as Brady Campaign president Paul Helmke illustrated with this remarkable statement.
The youth violence problem in Chicago is a gun violence problem.
I call Helmke's statement "remarkable," because we have just seen that the violence in Chicago is not simply a "gun violence" problem. When the gangbanger thugs in Chicago cannot get guns (which, if gun laws actually worked as advertised, would be always, since handguns are virtually banned in Chicago, and since the vast majority of criminal shootings are committed by people who cannot legally own any firearm, anywhere), they use knives, fists, feet, and yes--railroad ties. [More]
Today's St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column is unlikely to make me any friends at the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. Isn't that alone worth giving it a look?