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Friday, October 23, 2009

Is California AB 962 a precursor to 'ammunition accountability' laws?

A military concept that has some applicability here is "softening the battlefield"--shelling or bombing the enemy heavily before sending in the ground troops, in order to (hopefully) destroy much of the opposition, and make the ground campaign that much easier. That, I submit, is what AB 962 is all about--"softening the battlefield" for the "ground offensive," i.e., "ammunition accountability," which will be the next "one more law," that will make AB 962 really work, and as a bonus, some of the required infrastructure for "ammunition accountability" will already have been put in place by AB 962, so "for God's sake, pass this lifesaving, commonsense law, for the children." [More]
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Anonymous said...

Could any of this crap be challanged in court on state and/or federal constitutional 2A grounds? As this is infringing on the RIGHT of the people to have a usable firearm. Emphasis on USABLE. A gun ain't no good without ammo.

Otherwise, all this will do is create a boom-&-bust of ammo buying & hoarding, then a black market.

Or, if the ForniKalia serfs, sellers & buyers, have finally had enough, they could totally ignore and civilly disobey the law as unjust.

B Woodman

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I know the NRA is working on a repeal of AB 962, going the legislative route. If McDonald ends with the Second Amendment being incorporated, I'm sure this is the kind of thing that would be ripe for some Constitutional challenges, but, as I've pointed out before, success is far from guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

You're right, it's not guaranteed. Nothing e4ver is. But unless the ForniKalians serfs utterly fall apart like a cheap suit, there SHOULD be some blowback. Maybe even a new regime of elected tormentors.

Fortunately, we are NOT YET to the same stage as England, whose sheeple went along meekly with every new gun control law. "For the children", don't'cha know.

Now there's an idea! Maybe someone with deep enough pockets who is also a guns rights activist, could put out a series of ads (radio, tv, "news"paper), billboards, phamphlets, whatever, pointing out and contrasting in short simple language (the KISS principle - Keep It Simple for the Stupid) where England has already gone, and the consequences vs where ForniKalia IS GOING.

B Woodman

tom said...

I like RSA. It's an interesting place to visit/hunt/fish. Pretty much everything but black powder is outlawed except for tourist hunters and guides/LEOs/Mil.

I've never noticed a lack of ammunition availability, most especially in military calibers...I wouldn't worry too much about "boom and bust" same goes for Mexico and Argentina and Zim.