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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Chicago gun bans still working swimmingly

Chicago, as part of Cook County, bans so-called "assault weapons" (and the Cook County definition of "assault weapon" is extremely expansive), and yet "assault weapons" are becoming more prevalent.

The trends are alarming.

Chicago numbers show the number of assault weapons are up 17 percent this year on city streets, and the ages of criminals using guns is getting much younger with a growing number of weapons being used at the hands teenagers.
Check out the accompanying video (included below), which sets the tone with an AK firing in fully-automatic--as if that has something to do with the expiration of the 1994 "assault weapons" ban. In fact, throughout the entire video, in which there was a great deal of AK gunfire, I think all of it was fully automatic.

I especially like BATFE spokesthug Andrew Traver, describing AKs as being "heavy caliber, military type weapons," as if the 7.62x39mm round isn't somewhat marginal for deer. Keeping with the "let's conflate fully-automatic firearms with so-called 'assault weapons' strategy," he says that it will empty the entire magazine in about 3 seconds, and then demonstrates the truth of the statement, by emptying the mag in full-auto.

He also gives us the obligatory "the problem with a weapon like this is that it will defeat virtually all body armor"--as if any centerfire rifle caliber would not do the same.

This part was good, too:
. . . they're so difficult to control, their bullets often get sprayed beyond the intended targets, striking innocent victims even when they’re in their own homes.
To prove this, the "news"caster, Kim Vatis, was shown firing an AK (in full-auto, of course), without any control whatsoever. Gee--I wonder how much training she had (she wasn't even aiming). The funny thing about that is that the clip shows the BATFE ninjas firing full-auto bursts with quite adequate control.

How many distortions can be fit in one short "news" story?

Update: David Codrea has much more.


Crotalus said...

I can only say, "I call bullshit!"

Let's see, here. All the guns shown are full-auto, so they cannot be new, by Federal law, yet some of those looked pretty new. They cannot be sold without a $200 transfer stamp (Stamp Act, anyone?) I'll bet that in Illinois, full-auto guns are banned outright. Yet gang members have no problem getting them. That's if they are even getting full-auto guns, and not semi-auto lookalikes. Bet'cha that dealer they spied on wasn't selling anything full-auto. And how is the dealer supposed to know that an ID is fake? If it passes a background check, how's he supposed to know that the guy buying the gun is a prohibited person?

By now, we gun owners have called them on all this misinformation may times over, so we know that this *ahem* "article" is a blatant lie, every bit of it.

And, yeah, that "reporterette" wasn't even trying to aim. She was mugging for the camera.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I'll bet that in Illinois, full-auto guns are banned outright.

Exactly correct. No full-auto, no SBRs, no short-barrel shotguns, and no suppressors, even for those willing and able to jump through all the federal hoops.

tom said...

Ask OLOFSUN about BATFE "gun testing" or try to have a remotely sane conversation with anybody who works for the technology branch without wishing to kill yourself halfway through the phone call before they tell you you need to submit everything you just disgust (sic) in writing for an answer.

That tv model (aka gun control spokeswoman) has lousy form. Suarez could write his name on her with an AK. Control or lack there-of is in the hands of the person controlling the arm just like anything else. Lots of people bash their thumbs with hammers and bend nails, is it the hammer's fault?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

That tv model (aka gun control spokeswoman) has lousy form.

But her hair looked nice ;-).

The Quadfather said...

If you notice, the AK47s shown didn't have the muzzle brake. That would help prevent barrel climb.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

If you notice, the AK47s shown didn't have the muzzle brake. That would help prevent barrel climb.

I'd missed that--good catch, and good point.