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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hysteria about the IL Supreme Court guns in center console ruling

Just over a month ago, I wrote that the Illinois Supreme Court had ruled that a car's center console constitutes a "case" for the purpose of Illinois gun law--meaning that even under the draconian laws of this state, an unloaded handgun, along with loaded magazines, may be carried in the console. A far cry from legal defensive carry of firearms, but better than no ready access (to even an unloaded firearm) at all. Chicago Gun Rights Examiner Don Gwinn covered it here and here, as does Thirdpower, here.

I figured there would be some wringing of hands about it, but until I saw this, I hadn't realized how bad it would be (I guess I'd forgotten this is Illinois).

Here's something to think about the next time you get in your car: the driver next to you may be packing heat. And, now they can, legally.
Left unsaid, of course, is that "the driver next to you" could all along have been doing so illegally--was that any better?
CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports that an Illinois Supreme Court ruling last month shocked even seasoned police officers.
Apparently, even these "seasoned" Illinois "Only Ones" would be really shocked in just about every other state.
A sudden gunshot is part of Oak Lawn Police Officer Mike Acke's worst nightmare.
As opposed to a slow, gradual gunshot?

"If there's a gun there and he's in there reaching ... I've got to react," Acke said. "It could be dangerous for me, because there's a gun right there in their reach."
Well, heck, Officer Acke, we wouldn't want a situation that "could be dangerous for" you, and never mind that being unarmed could be dangerous for us.

Next, we hear from Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez (I've discussed her before):
Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said she was flabbergasted. She said she wants the General Assembly to rewrite the law to require that, if guns and bullets are in a vehicle, they're far away from the driver, who might be tempted in the event of road rage.
Ah--the infamous "means of self-defense within reach loophole."
"I think we've seen that already. If the weapon is readily available, I think you're more apt to use that," Alvarez said.
Well, yes, Anita--a tool that can be reached is more likely to be used than one that is not--it's your critical thinking skills that got you into your powerful position, isn't it?

The 3 minute video is below--worth a laugh.


Anonymous said...

To all Illinois drivers! Be careful! The driver of the car next to you MAY BE ARMED!! Does that make you more alert, more aware, maybe even more considerate and polite?


B Woodman

Mark in Wyoming said...

Greetings from Wyoming,
Hmmm guns in the center console?
Police afraid to approach a vehicle?letme think about this one for a millisec...., ok , dont visit Wyoming then cuz we carry in plain sight, gunracks , everywhere. and if the cop is such a mary bloomer , they need to find a new line of employment, personally i dont want some pansyass thats badge heavy doing le work near me , i might scare them , then i would have to pay for the heart attack i give them. and if the biproduct of people not knowing who may or may not have a gun is them being more polite and courtious , so be it

Mike W. said...

And yet not a single one of those hysterical folks quoted can grasp the fact that we're talking about carrying of unloaded guns in center consoles.

How in the hell is that a threat to police or other motorists?

Weer'd Beard said...

And of course Gang-bangers with fear of going into jail for being discovered during a traffic stop are totally discouraged by this.

And of course the elephant in the room is personal protection. Obviously car jackings are non-existent in Illinois.

As well as assaults outside of cars, where conceal carry would be the best defense, don't happen there either.

Shit like this certainly DOES happen here, so that's why I carry.

and not any of that unloaded bullshit either. Once my gun clears the holster I'm ready to shoot. There are millions just like me, and the cops are SAFER because of it.

But don't mind the man behind the curtain.