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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Why is an ugly dog trying to hump my leg . . . ?

It seems I have a new admirer, Laci the Dog, whose crush on me was apparently prompted by my "Not a bright dog, but somewhat amusing" post a few weeks ago. The subject of that post apparently noticed it yesterday, and is positively bursting with affection and esteem, as can be seen in her comments--which I'll reproduce here, with her . . . passionate language moderated for reasons of family friendliness. First, there's:

It's called attribution, cretin. That takes it from being plagiarism.

But you are too stupid to know that.

If you think that you can fight a well armed foe with a rifle, then you are far more of a moron than I am.

You are a complete a**hole.

Unfotunately [sic], people like you are breeding.
Then, she heaped still more praise on me--I'm starting to blush!
By the way, f**k of a lot of good Melanie's [sic] gun did her!

It's a s**t weapon for self-defence if it can be used against you.
Since then, I've learned, through Weer'd Beard, that she's waxing romantic about me on her own blog.

Unfortunately, because of my insistence on keeping this a place for family-friendly advocacy of gun rights, I can't really quote much of it, because she is quite explicit in the steamy ardency of her expressions of desire for me--here's something from the end, though (with minimal editing):
P.S., I stand by what I said about Melanie [sic] Hain. I just hope someone uses your gun against you as well. Or shoots your sorry ass like they did Melanie [sic].

What makes you think you could prevent someone from grabbing your gun and using it against you, 45limpd**k?

Make the world a better place, a**hole, do it yourself before someone beats you to it.
It just breaks my heart to have to tell her that she's just not my type of b***h dog--although perhaps it would work out better with Mikeb--he seems quite taken with her.

Update: Weer'd Beard notes that I've made such an impression on Dear Laci that the poor, lovelorn pup wrote another love note about me. Sadly, she seems to be running out of material, and pretty much just repeats what she said in the first one.

Bless her little canine heart. I fear that she's now so distracted that efforts to finally housebreak her are doomed.


Anonymous said...

Just for the heck of it I visited her blog. I noticed this: "These are my opinions and I don't care if you read this. I don't really want to hear from you--unless you agree with me or can offer intelligent and constructive comments"

She wants intelligent and constructive comments on her blog. If her comments to you are what passes for intelligent and constructive I don't know what she's fussing about.

And I wouldn't spend a lot of time arguing with someone who identifies herself as a dog.

Wild Deuce said...

Wow. She needs help. I can almost see the froth dripping on the keyboard. You know what they do with dogs frothing at the mouth, don't you?

I know she's going with the dog moniker but I rather picture a little baby/toddler pitching a hissy fit, complete with spitting and hitting. It would be amusing to watch if it wasn't so pathetic.

Please, don't bring her up again. She's proven she can't communicate intelligently like a grown up so let her sit in the corner.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

And I wouldn't spend a lot of time arguing with someone who identifies herself as a dog.

Yeah, I know--it was kinda silly of me to bother with this--I was just amused as hell with it.

AlphaWolf said...

Greetings from Wyoming,
i too , visited the blog, and immediately saw , that its for her own enjoyment, amusing yes , i found it entirely amusing, both her blog , and the situation , what was the most amuzing though , was her stated location, maybe she should remember that us mere colonials, won not 1 but 2 wars against the crown , for the RIGHT to remained armed, i do believe a little place called lexington green , where the authorities at the time tried to disarm some simple minded cretins , was 1 of the things that got the ball rolling , just locals with their squirrel rifles or whatever they may have had, seems i remember seeing the signboards from concord and lexington , all the way back into boston how , simple minded locals , took on a superior force, and extracted , some pretty impressive casualties on those bent on depriving them of their property, funny how annually they have re enactments of this event , and most school children in the area usually end up haveing field trips to this locale , commemorating , a very british defeat, but , be that as it may , the british are our allies , as has been proven nummerous times since, the brits may not like the way we do things , or our timing , but i dont forsee them asking us again , like they did during the blitzof ww2 , for any civilian arms to rearm their home guard , you see , their home guard had been disarmed back then and when the trheat of war loomed , they had no arms in armoriees to equip themselves so they asked their simple minded american cousins to send any arms , in any condition, tio defend their homeland, and of course , americans answered by sending what they could and what they had
now before you think , ahh lend lease , this was long before that program, and the usa government had laws restricting the sale of arms and munitions to ANY of the beligerant nations at that time , so by us law , the government could not send arms , so the uk asked us , the us civilians , to help, and we the us civilians did, , that was 70 some yrs ago , and will no doubt be denied ,ahh well, what i think is funny , in retrospecrt , i can see exactly the same thing happening again , only this time , whom will be asked to supply arms , so that they can just defend , their simple plot of soil? with that pointed out , this simple minded cretin , whom will keep his arms , and chuckles at the thought of someone even trying to take my at=rms and use them against me , (a possability, but unlikely)i think take it what its worth , a very amusing , bout of crainialanal impaction.


kaveman said...

Yes, Laci and MikeB are the best of buds.

The company one keeps speaks volumes.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

OK, Wild Deuce--I've sated myself on Laci-baiting for the foreseeable future--there shouldn't be any more any time soon.

AlphaWolf--good to hear from you, as always.

Kaveman, yep--Mikeb restrains himself from the use of the more caustic vitriol, and wraps his bigotry in a velvet glove, but I don't imagine that even he thinks he's really hiding it effectively.

Anonymous said...

Wow, some serious love coming from DisGracie-the-Pugly, queen of the spays (hey, one of her followed blogs is at Planned Parenthood, soooo.....)

Melancton Smith said...

I wonder why people keep calling him a her? Strikes me as a man trolling as a woman.

But what do I know, I've only been dealing with online twits like him since before there was an 'internet'.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Alpha Wolf, the arms we sent them stayed locked up and most of the wardens/guards patrolled the heather unarmed. I can't remember where I read this but it was recent and online so you may be able to google it.
"Bless her little canine heart. I fear that she's now so distracted that efforts to finally housebreak her are doomed." Superman with this one paragraph I imagined Val Kilmer as Doc. Holliday in Tombstone. That's a funny post there, the whole thing.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Melancton Smith, apparently the author of the "Laci the Dog" blog is (nominally) a male, but if he wants to refer to himself by the name of his little, female, rodent-like cur, it amuses me to do the same.

Weer'd Beard said...

If somebody hostile to me and my way of life wants to hang themselves, I'm more than willing to hold the stool for them and make sure they get the knot right!

straightarrow said...

I find it amusing the Laci wishes so much death and destruction on others and revels in the murder of someone, then calls us cretins.

Talk about lack of self-awareness! compounded by idiocy, yet!

As for my part, England need not ask for contribution of arms. I will not send them. I will not mourn their passing as they are incapable of learning the lessons of history, and deaf to the voice of morality.