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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Does Kirsten Gillibrand think buying a gun is a crime?

My--how far our "pro-gun Democrat" has fallen.

David has been following Kirsten Gillibrand's new special friendship with Carolyn "What's a Barrel Shroud" McCarthy. Yesterday, the two announced their collaborative effort--their "Make Gun Trafficking Even More Illegaler Act of 2009" (or something like that).

Details about the bills (I assume they're teaming up to introduce identical legislation in both the House and Senate) aren't yet available, but David had a bit about their press conference, with a Who's Who of New York gun haters in attendance.

NY1 covered it also, and something Gillibrand said jumped out at me. You can see the full video there, but here I've shortened it down to just the part I'm talking about:

"From the person who buys the gun from the dealer, to the person illegally selling the gun out of the trunk of his or her car, to the kingpin who’s organizing this criminal network, the legislation makes crystal clear that these people are criminals [who] should be prosecuted,” said Gillibrand.
Are we to understand that "buy[ing] the gun from the dealer" is a crime? It sure sounds that way. The other two actions she described: illegally selling out of one's car trunk and "kingpinning" a criminal network, are already federal crimes. Likewise, if Gillibrand's reference to "the person who buys the gun from the dealer" refers to straw purchasers--they're already federal criminals, as well.

Well, New York gun owners? How's that "pragmatism" working for ya'?


Anonymous said...

Pragmatic big-tent RINOs.
Gotta love 'em. NOT!

The elected gravy train stops at Election Station in 2010. There will be a major change of passengers at that time. Hopefully, if Gillibrand's electorate have even half the intelligence of a rock, she won't be getting back on the train to DC.

B Woodman