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Monday, November 30, 2009

'Not without a fight'--the best $15.97 you'll ever spend

On Thanksgiving, on my St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner column, I mentioned a new gun rights documentary, "Not Without a Fight," by Max Lemus.

This features several of my fellow GREs: Skip Coryell, Paul Valone, Howard Nemerov, and David Codrea (all but the first of those four links are to those individuals' glowing reviews of the project). Also featured is Pastor Kenn Blanchard--better known, perhaps, as Black Man with a Gun.

At the time, with Thanksgiving activities in full swing, I had not had the opportunity to watch the entire video (which is around 100 minutes long), so I couldn't in good conscience say much about it, although from what I had seen, and knowing the people involved, and having seen what Paul, Howard, and David had said about it, I knew it would be good.

Now that I have seen the whole thing, I can say that my lofty expectations were exceeded. Buy and download this video--you won't regret it.